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Hotel Pasike

Hotel Pasike

In a city whose symbol is KAIROS- a god of happy moments , it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to take your loved one or a close companion in an extremely intimate atmosphere of the restaurant "Pašike".

We have provided the perfect atmosphere for you, on a secluded terrace, on top of our hotel so you could be on the peak  of Trogir summer ambience, yet separated from public view.

Grab a happy Kairos moment and enjoy the starry night of Trogir with your loved one,  with specialy prepared traditional dishes, our culinary specialties and flavors of wines.

Romantis dinner on a hotel terrace

Address: Sinjska bb 21220 Trogir - Dalmatia Split region - Croatia
Tel: +385 21 885 185 Fax: +385 21 797 729 | Email: info@hotelpasike.com