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Hotel Pasike

Hotel Pasike

During the morning, as I sit and rest and drink my coffea, while everybody is still sleeping, my brain is full of new thoughts and I can not decide which one to grab on to. And then, suddenly, MANGOLD comes to my mind and it just stays there. Maybe I should prepare it today for lunch, but the next thing on my mind was that people from Trogir are called Mangolders. WHY IS THAT? Did people from Trogir liked mangold that much, or during poverty they havent had anything else to eat. I do not know, maybe I should ask someone older to tell me the whole history about mangold. But I decided to go in the kitchen to pay my respects to mangold and to the people of Trogir. 

Kitchen is for me a place of relaxation, a place where my fantasies turn into reality. people of Trogir are mangolders so they deserved to have a "Mangold cake". I closed my eyes and pictured a beautiful green cake, as it stands on a high throne, all dressed up like a bride before her wedding day, drawing us closer with its beauty, to smell it first and then to try it. To get started I grabed a pot and in it poured 1L of milk, 2 spoons of sugar, 2 packs of vanilla sugar and then i put the pot on the stove to boil.

When the milk boiled, bit by bit I added 300g of cornmeal. When the cornmeal was done I moved it to the side so it would cool down. While it was cooling I took 5 eggs and separated it to egg white and yolk. In the yolk goes 6 tea spoons of sugar and a small pack of vanilla sugar and beat it till it was tight. Then I grated and squeezed a lemon and an orange, then added some rum in the cooled cornmeal, 1 pack of flour and beated eggs. I mixed it all up and transfered it to well buttered cake mould with some cornmeal. Then it went into an oven on 200 degrees celsium for an hour.

While the cake was cooking and later cooling down, i boiled on steam 1000g of mangold, wringed it out and grinded it. I took 3 eggs and 5 tea spoons of sugar and added it to the mangold as it cooled down. I took the butter and beated it well, and added it to the mangold and i added 100g of minced nuts.  Cornmeal biscuit I sliced into two halfs, covered it in cream, arranged it with flowers and stored it into the fridge.

My guests were thrilled. They do not say for no reason that mangold is sweet but now we have proof. To have, to love and to know things without sharing them it the same as ot having those things at all- that is why this Mangold Cake has an esteemed place in our menu as a gastro monument to the city and to the people ofTrogir.

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